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  1. 2020 Combine Registration Now Open!

Jr. Sharks

The Rochester RazorSharks offer youth basketball clinics and a youth league resuming in Fall 2020, coached by our players, who will all be trained and certified through the Jr. NBA program. The Jr RazorSharks players will be featured at halftime of all of our home games, and special pregame opportunities as well.

The Jr. Razorsharks The ActiveSharks™ Programing focuses on active participation and practice to improve youth fitness, skills, and enjoyment of physical activity. Fun, manageable activities provide opportunities for engagement which include all fitness and skill levels to keep all participants involved and motivated. Youth will also learn self-responsibility, teamwork, and communication skills. Activities focus on specific goals, such as team building, games, yoga, dance, personal fitness, sports, play, fitness fun, healthy eating, and more!

Please check out www.thejrsharks.com website for more information.