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(Rochester, NY)…The defending Premier Basketball League Champions,...
PBL and TRBL Expand Partnership
August 24, 2015 – (Chicago, IL): In a move designed to...
Chicago, IL (August 17, 2015) – The Premier Basketball League...
The Kentucky Mavericks Have Arrived In Owensboro, KY!
Owensboro, KY (August 21,2015)- The former ABA 4-time National Champions,...
CHICAGO, IL (June 8, 2015) – The Premier Basketball League...
PBL Partners with ESPN
Chicago, IL- The Premier Basketball League is announcing the...

(Rochester, NY)…The defending Premier Basketball League Champions, Rochester RazorSharks, selected three players on Wednesday during the PBL’s 2015 Draft. With their first round selection the ‘Sharks selected 6’9” Center, Jordan Threloff. Threloff finished his collegiate career last season at Northern Illinois (DI), and in 30 games posted averages of 8.3 ppg, 7.3 rpg while shooting 52.7% from the field. With their second pick Rochester selected another big man, Center Joey De La Rosa out St. John’s University (DI). The 6’11” big man appeared in 18 games last season for the Red Storm. The RazorSharks ended the evening with their third and final pick, selecting Dontaye Hinton.

This rounded out a success day in the draft room for the defending Champs who look forward to building another Championship caliber team for the 2016 PBL season.



by Master Admin posted 08/26/2015
PBL and TRBL Expand Partnership

August 24, 2015 – (Chicago, IL): In a move designed to create additional economies of scale, expand the media market, and facilitate a more manageable footprint, the Premier Basketball League (PBL) and the Tobacco Road Basketball League (TRBL) have agreed to expand their existing partnership. Specifically, six TRBL teams will compete in The PBL 2015-16 season as part of the new “South East Division”. The regular season and playoffs games will be played between November 2015 and April 2016 with all games played within the division counting as "cross-sanctioned games" in the TRBL. The agreement will include multiple games broadcasted on ESPN throughout the season. 

We look forward to working even more closely with the PBL. We believe it will create great opportunities for both TRBL and PBL players. The more we can work with leagues like the PBL that are doing things the right way, the better it is for our players, owners, and fans,” said Pete Gratale, TRBL founding member. 

This is an exciting day for the PBL,” stated PBL Commissioner Dennis Truax. “The North Carolina area is definitely a hotbed of basketball activity, and the TRBL is a league that showcases that talent.  This partnership will be beneficial to both parties, this season and seasons to come.”

The six teams slatted to participate in the 2015 PBL season are Raleigh Revolt, Cary Invasion, Durham Legacy, Charlotte Elite, Huntersville HoopForLyfe and Wilmington Seadawgs. League sources also confirmed that The PBL is expecting to announce later this week the names and location of additional teams joining the league for the upcoming season.

About the PBL and TRBL:  The Premier Basketball League (thePBL.com) is set to kick off their 10th season in January 2016 with more than 20 teams.  The Tobacco Road Basketball League (trblproball.com) is an independent basketball minor league with teams operating in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. The league will begin its fifth season of play in November 2015.

by Master Admin posted 08/25/2015

Chicago, IL (August 17, 2015) – The Premier Basketball League today announced that it has entered into an agreement with #IntegrityFirst Inc., a New York Not-for-Profit Corporation, for the participation of a new team from the Jamestown, NY area.  The team will be known as the Jamestown Jackals and will play on the campus of Jamestown Community College for the 2016 season. 

The mission of #IntegrityFirst Inc. is to help individuals develop their potential and achieve success academically, athletically, financially, socially, and professionally by fostering integrity, motivation, responsibility, hope, perseverance, confidence, and sportsmanship. Management of the Jamestown Jackals, led by President Kayla Crosby, will be a foundational element of #IntegrityFirst’s educational programming. 

Besides the excitement of being involved with basketball, Crosby explained that her true passion for this endeavor is the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others (the players, college students, local youth, and other community members as well). Crosby has already been out in the Jamestown community working to increase awareness and support for the organization and its new team. 

“Although we are starting a brand new team in Jamestown, we have full intentions of making a statement in the PBL this year. We are honored to represent the Jamestown community not only on the basketball court, but also through community outreach and educational opportunities. We plan to bring positive energy to the community and truly look forward to a successful inaugural season,” said Crosby. 

“We are very pleased to have Jamestown in the PBL for the upcoming season,” stated PBL Commissioner Dennis Truax. “They provide us with another team in the western New York area which will help keep travel costs to a minimum.  Kayla has the support of the entire city of Jamestown and I am sure she will be successful with her team. I am looking forward to seeing her team play and visiting the great city of Jamestown.”

by Dominic Turcotte posted 08/21/2015
The Kentucky Mavericks Have Arrived In Owensboro, KY!

Owensboro, KY (August 21,2015)- The former ABA 4-time National Champions, The Shreveport-Bossier Mavericks have officially announced that the organization is relocating to Owensboro, Kentucky. In 2015, the Mavericks made a decision to become a part of the Premier Basketball League (PBL). Upon that decision, owner Jerry Nelson ordered a relocation.

The franchise will be named the Kentucky Mavericks and will host its home games at The Owensboro Sportscenter.  The franchise colors are now red, white, and blue. 

On Thursday, August 20, 2015 The Kentucky Mavericks hosted their official Press Conference to announce their arrival at the Owensboro Sportscenter. Many of the community officials and natives were in attendance to welcome the team.  Guest speakers were:  Mayor Ron Payne, Mayor of Owensboro, Candance Brake, CEO/President of Greater Owensboro, Amanda Rogers, Director of Owensboro Parks and Recreation, Debra Green, General Manager of the Kentucky Mavericks, Coach Steve Tucker, Head Coach of the Kentucky Mavericks.

People around the country are looking at this as a place to come visit,” said Owensboro Mayor, Ron Payne.  “We are becoming a destination city.  We just added with the Mavericks moving here.  (That’s) just one more reason (for) people to come to the city of Owensboro.”

The Mavericks are currently on a 92 game winning streak.  We hope to extend that and bring a championship to Owensboro.

We play fast-paced, fast-break basketball, but the thing that’s special about our team is that we’ve been able to adapt and play different styles,” he said.  “If we need to run, we’ll run.  If we need to defend, we’ll defend.  We’ve been in slow, grind-it-out games, and we’ve been in fast-paced games,” Head Coach Steve Tucker says.

The Kentucky Mavericks are not only winners on the court, but off the court as well.  Our goal is to be at any community event that is going on.  We want to embrace the community and the community embrace us.  We Are One.

Tip-Off to the new season will take place in January as the Kentucky Mavericks host the Rochester Razersharks.


For more information on the Kentucky Mavericks:

Website:  www.mavup.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/KentuckyMavericks.

Instagram: @Kentucky_Mavericks


by Miann Ferison posted 08/21/2015

CHICAGO, IL (June 8, 2015) – The Premier Basketball League (PBL) today announced the addition of the Shreveport-Bossier Mavericks for the 2015-16 season.  The Mavericks will call the historic Hirsch Memorial Coliseum home and will be coached by multi-time champion Steve Tucker. Mavericks owner Jerry Nelson has also become an equity partner in the PBL.  Terms of the partnership arrangement are confidential.  

The Mavericks are owned by Jerry Nelson of Beaumont, Texas.  Nelson is a veteran entrepreneur with interests in entertainment, oil, and rodeo.  He has been featured in The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal for his achievements in the rodeo industry.  His Maverick franchise has won the past four ABA Championships that they competed in and he has been selected as an Executive of the Year twice.  

“I am excited to be joining the PBL not only as the owner of the Mavericks, but also as an equity partner in the organization.  The PBL is the gold standard for how things are done on a professional level in basketball.  Joining the PBL provided an opportunity to elevate our level of competition and also to partner with an established league that has brand name credibility across the country,” stated Nelson.

“It is a pleasure to bring on board a partner like Jerry Nelson, who has been a first class owner of the Mavericks team for many years,” said PBL Chairman of the Board Dr. Sev Hrywnak. “He brings business knowledge and connections that can only take the PBL to the next level.  With the addition of the Shreveport Staff to the PBL front office, the PBL will grow to a full time staff of 7 and a part time staff of 5, bringing a total of 12 highly skilled individuals that bring with them marketing and business acumen,” said Hrywnak.  

“We are pleased that Mr. Nelson has come on board with his expertise” stated VP Dominic Turcotte. “Jerry Nelson together with Dr. Sev Hrywnak will insure that the PBL will remain the only independent professional Basketball league in North America having the high standards of success that the basketball business needs.”

For more information visit: www.thepbl.com or www.sbmavs.com

posted 06/08/2015
PBL Partners with ESPN

Chicago, IL- The Premier Basketball League is announcing the beginning of a new partnership with ESPN3. The new deal will allow the PBL to reach even more fans by adding another major broadcasting partner to its impressive network lineup of live and on-demand game coverage.

ESPN3 is the official online streaming network of ESPN owned primarily by The Walt Disney Company available in North America and internationally.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to partner with the largest and most recognizable name in sports,” stated Dennis Truax, Commissioner of the PBL.

ESPN3 currently broadcasts NCAA college basketball, FIFA World Cup, the Arena Football League, NBA, WNBA, MLB and other big name leagues that now include the PBL.

posted 03/01/2015
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